Mountie PTA student Kelsey Hammons wants to become a physical therapist assistant so she can help people the way her father received help. After he fell off a ladder and suffered a spinal cord injury, Kelsey basically grew up in the rehabilitation hospital watching her father recover.  She says that physical therapy was always her father’s favorite time because he had the opportunity to learn how to get back to normal and regain his independence. Once she saw her father learn to walk again, she knew that studying to be a physical therapy assistant was her dream.

Kelsey says that coming to Mount Aloysius to pursue PTA was one of the best decisions she has ever made. At the Mount, Kelsey has loved her professors who have an open door policy for all of their students and are always willing to help. Kelsey hopes to one day work in a hospital setting or other rehabilitation center to treat specialized injuries like her father’s.

Learn more about Kelsey’s story by watching the video below.