After graduating from MAC with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Aaron began his career as the Assistant Director of Finance for the Altoona Curve in February of 2018.

The skills he acquired in his courses have enabled him to carry out the day-to-day tasks of his position.  Some of these duties include invoicing and maintaining accurate records of the Curve’s sponsorship accounts, paying all of the bills associated with the stadium, and handling the payroll for gameday staff workers.  Aaron also handles monthly reporting that goes directly to the offices of The Pittsburgh Pirates!

Aaron looks back at his years at MAC with gratitude and says that his experiences with the college gave him the confidence to express himself.  The support of the faculty and staff, lessons in the classroom, and unique experiences set up a perfect transition for Aaron into the workforce.  Throughout his time at MAC, he came to see the campus and community as much more than a college.

“As a Cresson native, I may have grown up being able to see the Bell Tower from my backyard, but Mount Aloysius College will always be a place that I can call home.”

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