When Jozie Seaman was an undergrad at Mount Aloysius, she was quite involved in campus ministry. She received her associate’s in surgical technology in 2016, her bachelor’s in natural science in 2020, and is returning to MAC for her MBA in health care management. During her time as an undergrad, Jozie participated in several mission trips with Campus Ministry, including a trip to Guyana, South America. She graciously answered some questions to update the MAC community, and to provide some insight for incoming students.


Are you currently working as a surgical technologist? If so, where? If no, do you have any work experience?

After graduating as a surgical technologist, I worked at Windber Hospital for a little over two years. Then when I started back to school to work towards my bachelor’s, I spent nights being on-call for Windber Hospital up until my last year before graduation. I took a one year break from working as a surgical technologist, and I am now working in the urology field at a surgery center in East Freedom, PA.


Can you tell me a little bit about why you chose surgical technology?

I chose surgical technology because of the “hands on” work that comes with working in this field. There is a vast variety of opportunities available in this field of work, from working privately with one doctor to working in major hospitals. Having a career as a surgical technologist is both exhilarating and very rewarding because of the emotional value.


Talk to me about the mission trips you went on with the college. What were they like, did you think they were worth it, would you recommend them, etc.?

My first mission trip with MAC happened a couple months before graduating in 2016 and it was to Guyana, South America. I was extremely grateful to have been a part of that trip and it made me wish that I had become more involved with the campus ministry sooner, as I was very close to graduation. Lucky, during my time back at MAC I have been able to participate in service trips each year and continue to do so throughout graduate school. I highly recommend to anyone at MAC to get involved with the campus ministry in some way, whether it is taking a mission trip or even just volunteering in the local area. I can promise you that the bond that you make with your fellow students during service work will be one like no other.


What was your favorite part about studying about MAC?

My favorite part about studying at MAC, besides my experiences through the campus ministry, would have to be the professors’ willingness to see their students be successful. I have had countless experiences with numerous professors at MAC that have gone above and beyond in support of both my studies in their classes and in my future goals.


What do you hope to do post-graduation?

At the moment I do not have any specific career plans for post-graduation. With starting my graduate program this fall, I plan on using my new knowledge of the administration field and obtain new connections to lead me towards a career in healthcare administration. I have a substantial amount of faith that both my past and future professors at MAC will continue to guide me in the direction of a successful career.  


Do you have any words of wisdom for future Mounties looking at the surgical technology program?

Anytime I talk to a freshman or someone interested in attending MAC, regardless of what major they are interested in, the first thing I tell them is to use the resources available to them, even if they think they don’t need it. The tutors in the library are extremely helpful, also attend as many SI sessions as you can because those students know exactly what to expect in those tough classes and can help you find different ways to study.


For future Mounties looking at the surgical technology program, there will be tough times. If while you are in the program, you have questions or doubts, talk to your instructors or other graduated surgical techs before giving up, they will help you. While sometimes it may seem impossible during your classes, this is a career field where you will continue learning every day that you work, and it will become a second nature. The great thing about this program is that after you graduate, there are countless opportunities and specialties of work available to you. While I have decided to continue my schooling and change career paths, I would never want to go back to change the experiences I have working as a surgical technologist because it has immensely helped me succeed during my continued education.