Rachel Wagner started her journey at MAC in 2012 as a non-traditional student with the goal to become a teacher.

After obtaining her first Bachelor’s Degree in 2006, her interests changed and she realized her current career wasn’t for her. Rachel wanted to continue her education somewhere that was challenging, inspiring, and supportive.

Returning to school when she was thirty years old and expecting her first child may not have been the route she expected to take, but Rachel realized all of the possibilities that would arise out of her new classes. She is thankful for the faculty at MAC who shared their knowledge, morals, and expertise with her and other students. Rachel takes the values of MAC and passes on these principles to her students. She hopes to have the same impact on her students’ education as her professors contributed her academic journey.

Rachel was hired by the Altoona Area School District less than a year after she graduated from MAC in 2014. She is starting her fifth year of teaching and looks back at her time at MAC as a period of growth, discovery, and learning.