Tommy Pisula spent two years taking Natural Science courses at Mount Aloysius College. Pisula, of Scottdale, Pa., before being accepted admittance to the Duquesne School of  Pharmacy. “Starting my education at Mount Aloysius allowed me to easily transition from high school to college, I never felt lost in the numbers here and my professors truly gave me the attention and time I needed to succeed,” Pisula said. “I also was able to save money at Mount Aloysius. I feel like I have a great foundation to build off of for pharmacy school.”

Pisula, who has been a standout in the classroom and basketball court for the Mounties, will graduate with an Associate’s degree in Natural Science from Mount Aloysius College.

“This partnership gives students the best of both worlds. You get to experience two different college campus environments and these past two years gave me the opportunity to continue playing basketball at the College’s great gym facilities.”