When Brady Wright was growing up, he had “a really cool dentist.”

“He was highly interactive, always explaining everything he was doing step-by-step, talked to me about personal life, and just kind of planted the seed that the dental profession was a good one to be in.”

Brady, ‘16, followed the seed planted in him by his dentist to Mount Aloysius, and then to Lake Erie College of Medicine (LECOM), where he is studying to be a dentist. During his four years as a biology major at the Mount, Brady was also a Mercy Presidential Scholar and he played on the College’s baseball team.

“The best part of academic life at the Mount was definitely the close-knit family and being on a first-name basis with every professor,” said Brady. “Being able to go to study nights to learn, but also having the freedom to just hang out with the professors.”

Ultimately, he says, the Mount provided him with the solid educational foundation he needed to succeed at LECOM, and he is on-track to graduate with his degree in dental medicine.

Brady says that studying at LECOM so far has been “a wild ride.” The first two years of the program are dedicated to courses. Students typically have two to three classes in the morning, and then they work as a group in the afternoon to go over case studies and study together. The second two years in the dental medicine program are dedicated to clinicals.

Currently, Brady sees one or two patients a day, doing nearly all types of dentistry, up to a certain level of complexity.

“My favorite part so far is doing extractions,” Brady said. “Doing fillings is fun, and there is tons to learn, but they just aren’t quite as fun as extractions.”

After graduating from LECOM, Brady would like to get a job at an already established dental office so he can continue to learn under an experienced dentist, ideally in a mentor-like situation.

Brady recommends that students considering the Mount’s biology 4+4 dental medicine program be prepared to work and to take things one day at a time.

“It’s definitely going to be a massive amount of work and hours of studying,” Brady said. “But it only gets more satisfying and more worth it as you go. Thinking big picture is good sometimes to gain perspective, but it’s better to take things day by day and tackle each problem as it presents itself.”

Brady received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from LECOM School of Dental Medicine in 2021. Now, Brady works as a dentist at Pursel Dental in Johnstown, PA.