“I have loved computers from the time I was a little boy,” says Ronnie Townsend, ‘17. Ronnie earned his bachelor’s degree in information technology from the Mount. 

“I can remember taking electronics apart and putting them back together. If the internet was out, I was on it and to the rescue. I became very interested in computers and the inner workings behind them. I love how technology can be used in so many ways, and how it is ever-changing.”

Currently, Ronnie is the Event Technology Specialist for the National Association of International Education. His job entails planning and facilitating events for 11 regions around the United States as well as abroad in the realm of international education. He has used his skills of IT to move their regional international education conferences online, making history by creating the company’s first virtual conference. 

“What drew me to this job is the fact that I not only get the opportunity to design events and implement technology, but I get to serve a greater cause and provide help to others,” said Ronnie. “This includes advocating for equal education internationally, ensuring that students are encouraged to study abroad and broaden their horizons, and that international students feel comfortable when studying in the United States.”

Ronnie involved himself in plenty of clubs and activities during his time at MAC, many of which helped him develop his love of helping people. He was involved in MAAPP Week, SEARCH III, tele-counseling for the admissions department, and move-in crew. Ronnie also participated in the 2017 Guyana mission trip, which kickstarted his passion for seeing the world. 

His current job has given him the opportunity to travel to an array of new places and meet new people. His time in quarantine inspired him to combine his passion for photography and travel to create a children’s book. Titled “Colors of the Earth,” the book consists of photos from the places he’s traveled with interactive text. His book can be found on Amazon. 

“When this pandemic started,  I suddenly found myself isolated from friends and family. I realized that I could put my photography from the places that I’ve traveled to into a book and add descriptive and interactive sentences to each page. I wanted to share stories with others, and I think that each and every photograph tells its own story as you turn the page.”

Ronnie says that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the knowledge he gained in his classes and through workshops hosted by the Mount. 

“These tools provided more help for me than I could ever describe in words. When I went on interviews, I was able to confidently answer questions and navigate through the process,” Ronnie said. “Have fun, but study hard. If there is something that you don’t know, find out! Study nights and tutoring helped me grow in subject areas that I struggled with. The more effort you put towards learning the things you don’t know about, the better off you will be. When it is time for you to apply for a job, all of these things will count. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.”