“Ever since I built my first computer for gaming, I felt a passion for technology unlike any other.”

Even though he learned a lot on his own by developing and maintaining his own computers, Brent Harpster, ‘18, wanted to get an education in IT to build his hobby into a successful career.

Brent currently works as the Systems Administrator at Juniata Valley Bank. He first started out as an IT Specialist, but was quickly promoted after mastering his VMware and Windows Server skills. As Systems Administrator, he has been a key component in streamlining the software usage for Juniata Valley bank.

“I have been able to bring a lot to the table in terms of processes for implementing hardware and software. We’ve moved from a scatter of devices to a more streamlined environment with specific brands of product that meet our needs most efficiently.”

Brent was surely set up to be a leader from his time at the Mount. As an information technology major, he founded MAC’s ping pong club, he was a Mercy Presidential Scholar, and a member of the National Society of Leadership & Success. He says that his minor in English helped him to develop his customer service and vendor relations skills.

Brent’s advice for current students in IT is to choose your main interest, but also leave room for flexibility to look more appealing to future employers. Focusing on the basic IT jobs like helpdesk and hardware/software is a good start for college, but you also want to take solid professional writing courses to help articulate your success.

“Mount Aloysius prepared me tremendously for working in IT,” he said. “The Mount provided the capability to use live programs and environments with examples that you will see in the IT profession.”