Cameron Cheers, ‘14, had always known that he wanted to help others.  Even though this aspiration could have led him down many career paths, his future was clear after his grandmother had a stroke and he watched her perform her physical therapy sessions.

While still in high school, Cameron started working at Evolution, a physical therapy clinic, as a technician. He worked this job through college until he finally graduated with his Physical Therapist Assistant degree from the Mount. Cameron specializes in Rocktape Kinesiotaping, cupping, and nerve flossing, all of which help restore blood flow to injured areas of the body. He continued to work for Evolution and eventually became the co-owner and vice president of the business.

“I can honestly say that I had never had any major aspirations of becoming a business owner,” Cameron said. “But with this opportunity presenting itself and spending a lot of time in prayer, we couldn’t pass up on this perfect opportunity.”

Cameron’s favorite part of his job is seeing his patients achieve their goals in recovery.  He also advocates for working one-on-one with his patients to allow for better oversight of their recovery and the opportunity to build a relationship with them.

“We believe that every person who comes through the door deserves our full, undivided attention in order to achieve the best possible recovery. We treat all of our patients like family.”

Even though Cameron is off accomplishing amazing career goals, he still reminisces about his time in Cresson. He attributes his success to his friends and professors in the PTA department.  The Mount professors helped him every step of the way and his classmates collaborated in their studies and still talk to this day.

“If it wasn’t for the professors there helping me, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t have been able to complete the program,” Cameron said. “No matter how frustrated you may get, the professors at the Mount are always there to help you.”

“Having the friends that I had at the Mount has greatly affected my career.  Everyone there was super professional and respectful of everyone.  It definitely was a great reflection on how to act while in the field when dealing with the public.”