Bethany Wayman ‘22 has always wanted to help people in some way, and she originally pursued a pre-nursing degree at Mount Aloysius to serve those in healthcare. However, her plans changed after an Intro to Psychology course sparked an interest in the field, eventually leading her to change her major. 

“I really enjoyed that class, and mental health has always been something I’ve advocated for, so it just made sense to me.”

Bethany is now a senior psychology major with a specialization in counseling who will be completing an internship with Blair Family Solutions during her last semester. Bethany plans on attending graduate school in the fall for a Masters in Counseling and eventually taking her licensure exam to start her career as a licensed professional counselor.

Not only did Bethany gain skills and knowledge for her future job at Mount Aloysius, but she also discovered a campus full of friends and mentors that would help her along her higher education journey.

“It’s such a small, tight-knit school that you get the opportunity to really know your professors, you have a good chance of making friends with people in your major because you share so many classes with them, and for a small school we do have a fairly diverse population.”

Bethany is busy in and out of the classroom as a Mercy Presidential Scholar, women’s lacrosse athlete, and dance club member. She also plays various musical instruments in her free time and snowboards.

“MAC really does try to have a large variety of events and activities happening around campus where you can socialize and do something that isn’t class related to give you a little distraction and help relieve some stress.”