Tara Allison ‘10 spends plenty of time reading children’s books with her daughter, who is almost three. This led her to make the somewhat spontaneous decision to write her own.

“It was a fun thing to do for my daughter,” Tara said.

It took her only an hour to actually write her first book, “Microbe Adventures: Rhinovirus,” and a few weeks to illustrate it. After researching self-publishing and finding a company that matched her values, her book was available for purchase at the end of October 2021. 

“I never actually expected it to be accepted and published.”

But now, she says, she’s looking at turning this fun project into a series. The next installment–about chickenpox–is written but not yet illustrated. 

“I hope children enjoy learning about microbes,” said Tara. “This is one other way for little ones to learn about a topic that rhymes and is fun.”

Tara is a 2010 graduate of the Mount’s biology program and a current adjunct professor teaching Anatomy and Physiology I.