Noah Ports ‘22 has always been about the “why.”

“I picked psychology because I’ve always had an interest in studying why we do what we do,” he said. “I remember early on in my science classes, I think in my elementary or early middle-school days, we had to find an article and write a summary about it. I remember I was always attracted to the articles studying behavior, sometimes in mice, other times in humans. I remember one talking about why we yawn.”

His interest in behavior was cemented, however, during his battle with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer. His experience left him wondering: are some people predisposed to resiliency? And when he got to the Mount, he realized that psychology was so much more.

“I think this experience really led me to wonder why some people are better at being resilient than others in the face of life threatening issues. Once I got to college, I realized there was so much more to psychology research than I originally thought and that held my interest. I think if I had to give a one sentence summary on why I picked psychology it was because of my life experiences. I feel like the challenge of understanding human behavior and finding ways to improve interactions sounds fun.”

Now a senior, Noah has been busy. Whether it’s taking service trips to Honduras, New Jersey, and Kentucky, or participating in the college’s theater productions, he has found many different ways to enrich his life. During the school year, Noah works in the IT offices as a helpdesk assistant, as a residence assistant, and a supplemental instructor leader, as well as being on the SMOT team for campus ministry. He did all of this while maintaining a 4.0 gpa.

He is making the most of his time at Mount Aloysius and will “cherish all of the memories I have with each of the friends I have made.”

Upon graduating in May, Noah wants to attend graduate school and to continue studying psychology. He wants to dig deeper into the idea of interpersonal relationships. After that, he plans on obtaining a PhD. Although an even busier schedule is ahead of him, he still hopes that he can find the time to get a nap in.