As a freelance interpreter, Cheyanne Marsh, ‘17, works with a variety of Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients. She is self-employed, which means she builds her own schedule and decides whom she wants to work with–including political candidates and popular live performances.

“I was extremely lucky to find a career that I love so much,” Cheyanne said.

While taking American Sign Language classes through her high school’s after school program, she learned that she enjoyed the language. Her teacher suggested that Cheyanne could become a professional interpreter.

During her time at Mount Aloysius, Cheyanne double majored in American Sign Language/English Interpreting (ASL/EI) and English. As part of her studies, she took an internship with an interpreter referral agency in Pittsburgh. Now, she contracts with that company a majority of the time.

“The best part of my job is that it is almost never the same,” Cheyanne said. “I get to work in so many different professions on a daily basis.”

Some of the jobs and activities she has interpreted for include scuba diving, OSHA classes, general education, different college classes, business meetings, and doctor’s appointments.

Cheyanne receives her assignments via email. Through this, she learns who she will be working with, a general idea of what is expected, location and time, and sometimes, she receives prep materials like PowerPoints or other documents. Some days, she can go from interpreting in a doctor’s office to interpreting a concert, but most of the time, her days are filled with classes, appointments, and other day-to-day activities.

Despite that, she has had a decent amount of unique and interesting opportunities.

“Recently I was able to interpret at a Drive-In Biden Rally for Bernie Sanders,” she said. “When I interpreted scuba diving, I actually got into the pool with the clients. I have also interpreted a variety of theatrical performances and concerts.”