In recent years, Mount Aloysius students have had the opportunity to directly participate in American politics thanks to local organizations.

Most recently, they moderated a debate which featured candidates for state senate, state house of representatives, and other local elected positions. The 2019 event was hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Council for Republican Women and held at the Altoona Grand Hotel. Mount students and political science professor Dr. Matthew Arsenault participated in a debate.

“The real value for students lies in their engagement–at a deeper level–with local issues,” said Dr. Arsenault. “We often focus on national and international politics, but we are most likely to be affected by local issues.”

The students, Nicholas Goldyn and Lukas Markland, performed research, formulated questions, and served as debate moderators at the event. Being able to interact with local politics in such a personal way can help give students an appreciation for all levels of government.