Rachel Harris, ‘16, earned both an associates and bachelors degree in Medical Imaging and is now working as an MRI technologist at The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. She has held this position for two years and is honored to be using groundbreaking, life changing technology to offer world class care to her patients through one of the top hospitals in the United States.

Rachel treats patients that come to the clinic from across the world and she loves to be a part of something bigger than herself. Rachel’s education and professors at MAC taught her that success only comes from hard work, and she has taken this advice to heart by persevering to achieve her current position.

Her education at MAC not only taught Rachel the technical skills she needs, but instilled the Mercy Value of Service in her work and life. During her time at MAC, she volunteered in many locations including Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Camden, and Guyana. Rachel realized that her purpose in life was to serve others and deciding to serve God has elevated how she lives every day. Since graduating, she has continued her goal of service by volunteering with several nonprofit organizations, and she even worked alongside fellow Mountie alumni on a recent mission trip to Honduras.