Michelle Kline, ’15, ’17, who received both a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from MAC, now works as the Social Media and Special Events Coordinator at the DelGrosso Family of Companies.  She works with DelGrosso Foods, Delgrosso’s Amusement Park, and Marianna’s Fundraisers through her position. Her job duties include managing the company’s social media accounts, updating information, and engaging customers.  Michelle also performs graphic design work, coordinates activations at more than thirty annual and trade shows a year, and manages the coupon program at DelGrosso’s.

During her time at MAC, Michelle learned technical skills and leadership qualities that made her career possible.  She learned how to be both a leader and team member through the Mercy Presidential Scholar Program, Honors classes, and business courses.  Working at MAC’s Digital Grotto with the Communications Department helped her develop her photography, videography, social media marketing, and graphic design proficiency.

“every aspect of my MAC experience contributed to my professional development.”

MAC instills the importance of service in its students, and Michelle has continued this mission after her college years.  She joined the Clearfield County Fair Junior Livestock Sale Committee in 2017, which helps sell 4H and FFA members’ livestock at the conclusion of the fair.  Through this program, Michelle has the opportunity to teach kids about connecting with businesses in their community. She also volunteers with Girls Night Out Altoona, Inc. that raises money for breast cancer research and awareness. Michelle has used her graphic design skills to assist these groups, and she continues to offer this service for other non-profit organizations.

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