When TJ Wardwell, ‘18, ‘19, was a sophomore, he created workouts for one of his teammates on the Mount Aloysius baseball team. The workouts helped his teammate stay in shape for the season, but more importantly, they worked, and they were fun to do. Fast forward a few years, and those workouts helped to inspire TJ to create customized digital workouts for more than 30 in-person clients.

“When I really thought about how the pandemic is going to cause a lot of gyms to shut down, I realized that the majority of people who workout are going to be left with no equipment and no direction to take their fitness journey,” TJ said. “So, I took a few days to develop an at-home workout routine that requires no equipment to be done.”

TJ has had a passion for health and fitness for as long as he can remember. It started as a practical skill, helping him improve his baseball skills, but it evolved into a desire to train for and compete in the CrossFit Games. His education in business took things to the next level.

As an undergrad, TJ majored in business administration with a concentration in sports management. Thanks to the major’s 4 + 1 program, he was able to get his MBA and went on to work in marketing and sales for a local flooring company, as well as running his fitness company The TW Method and coaching at his local CrossFit gym.

Since launching The TW Method, TJ has gained in-person clients from all walks of life, including athletes, nurses, business people, and many others. He works hard to customize every program to meet his clients’ individual needs and match their lifestyles.

“I love helping people reach their highest potential possible, not only in the world of fitness but in life,” TJ said. “I believe that a healthy and sustainable lifestyle will lead to a happier and overall better life. So, anything I can do to help reach that is what I love doing.”

When TJ put out a tweet advertising that he was starting at-home workouts due to the pandemic, he was lucky enough to have a Barstool Sports writer retweet him. Since then, he has sent out close to 900 emails containing the at-home workout at no charge.

“My overall goal is to reach and win the CrossFit Games, as well as to continue to grow The TW Method and to eventually open my own fitness facility,” TJ said. “People who reached out after having loved the first bodyweight program I put out are becoming full-time clients of mine.  Which is great because the growth of The TW Method is continuing to rise at a level I’m very happy with.”

TJ credits Mount Aloysius College with helping him to step outside of his comfort zone, in addition to teaching him hard work and dedication.

“Being from Massachusetts, I knew no one from the school prior to attending,” TJ said. “Seeing what it took to improve my game and how much time was spent on training and mindset brought me to the idea of pursuing a possible career in the field of fitness to help others achieve their goals.”