When Jake Claar, ‘11, graduated from Mount Aloysius with his degree in business administration, he had already established a career in the College’s department of Institutional Advancement. He worked there for three years while also serving as President of the Alumni Executive Board Association.

In 2014, after a successful career at the Mount, he ventured into a whole new career working in the automotive industry using the skills and knowledge he learned in his business program.

Jake accepted a job as an Executive Management Trainee with NAPA Auto Parts in Altoona. Learning the ropes quickly, he swiftly transitioned into the role of Wholesale Manager at the store. From there, his career grew quickly as he climbed the ranks to Sales Manager at NAPA Carlisle.

In November 2020, he left the company to establish his own with his business partner. His business, Nittany Supply, Inc., serves the State College, Clearfield, and Philipsburg areas through three auto parts stores. Not only was Jake able to reach his lifetime dream of becoming his own boss, but he did it within 10 years of graduating college and also amidst a global pandemic.

“I wanted to be my own boss since I was in high school,” Jake said. “In my yearbook, in the ‘What do you want to do?’ section, I said that I wanted to own my own business.”

His day-to-day routine involves working with three million dollars’ worth of inventory throughout his stores, and he is constantly looking at ways to improve the business and their sales with his business partner. Jake likes to stay on top of the market, so his company offers discounted parts for their customers to keep their prices competitive. The company also invests time into training its employees so that they can be as knowledgeable as possible for the customers.

“I love to work with my employees,” Claar said, “I love to work with customers. I love to make things better and fun in areas where we can improve at. I’m constantly trying to get better.”

Jake contributes a lot of his success to his curriculum at the Mount; he notes that his Excel courses and business law classes in particular have been crucial to the success of his business. Jake is looking forward to getting involved with the College again now that he’s living locally.