Kristy Daniel began her English career at Mount Aloysius during her undergraduate years, and she has not let graduate school stop her momentum!  Kristy’s love for English started in high school when she fell in love with words and the power they hold. This passion for English brought Kristy to the Mount, but not in the way she expected.

Kristy is now pursuing a Master of Arts degree in English with a focus on Rhetoric and Composition from Millersville University, and she works as the assistant registrar for registration and scheduling at Elizabethtown College.

Not only has Kristy been studying English, but she has been putting her skills to use by writing several pieces for different institutions.  Her first official conference presentation was titled “Pride: The History of Epideictic and Deliberative Rhetoric for the LGBT Community” and was featured in the 7th Annual Global Well-Being and Social Change Conference.  One of Kristy’s articles, “Signs of Weakness in the Peterborough Chronicle 1137,” was also published in the Millersville University Graduate Journal. In this article, she analyzes a collection of works to demonstrate how English rulers must have a strong foundation in their religion and townspeople to maintain a strong connection in their domain.

“I initially started at the Mount for English and Secondary Education, but I found that the books and their symbolic messages were more captivating than the educational component,” she said.

“I loved analyzing stories to understand the symbolism, the metaphors of someone’s life: what that work meant to them. I think we all have a perspective that nobody else has experienced, and to write it in a way that another person can understand it, can feel it, is absolutely magic.”

While at the Mount, Kristy held a number of positions including the Federal Work Study in the Registrar’s Office. In addition to the education she gained while in college, it was the interpersonal skills she learned that really helped her succeed. “The Mount helped me refine my ability to connect with different types of people on multiple levels. I learned about servant leadership and how it fits with community engagement for work. I’ve learned a lot of lessons about life and myself at the Mount, and the college holds a special place in my heart.”

Kristy has loved her journey in the study of English and rhetoric that started at the Mount and is now leading her to exciting experiences and achievements. To new and current Mount students, she advises them to build a social circle and truly find themselves. Kristy views college as a fresh start.

“It’s the one opportunity you get where nobody has an expectation for you, except that you give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, that’s okay. At least you gave it your honest try.”