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Interested in getting involved on campus? There are plenty of opportunities (links only available for clubs with their own website).

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations
A Capella Club
Belltower Newspaper
Biology Club
Black Student Union
Bowling Club
Business Club
Cala Art Club
Campus Activity Board
Cheerleading/Spirit Team
Chi Alpha Sigma (Athletic Honor Society)
Comic Book Club
Criminology Club
Dance Team
Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society
Digital Grotto Group
Drama Club
Information Technology (IT) Club
International Club
Interpreting Club
Legal Society
MAC Service Members Club
Medical Assistant Club
Medical Imaging and Honor Society
Mercy Youth Initiative
National Society of Leadership and Success
Nursing Student Organization
Paranormal Club
Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA)
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Physical Therapy Assistants
Ping Pong Club
Psychology Club
Residence Hall Association
Saudi Student Organization
Search Retreat Team
Social Sciences Student Organization
Student Accounting Society
Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Student Government Association
Student Ministry Team
Surgical Technology
Theatre Club
Twirling Club
Vox Nova Choral Group
Honor Societies
RSO Documents and Links

Writing a Constitution

RSO Handbook

Link to the Portal for: (you will have to sign in to access forms)

  • Check Request Form
  • Emergency Contact & Liability Release Form
  • Food Service Request Form
  • Mlaker Bus/Van Request
  • Overnight Parking Form
  • Support Center Order Form
  • Transaction Record of Cash & Revenue
  • Transaction of Checks and Revenue
  • Vehicle Registration Form

See Student Affairs for:

  • Purchase Requistions
  • Facility Reservation Form
  • College Event Approval Form



Registered Student Organization Application (new clubs only)
*All fields are required

Name of Organization

Name of Advisor

Name of person submitting proposal

Phone number of person submitting proposal

Email of person submitting proposal

Officers for organization
In the box below, please write the name, position in club, years of attend M.A.C. their major and if they have received training from Student Activities

Mission Statement
Please write your mission statement for your organization, which outlines its purpose and role at Mount Aloysius College

Which Pre-Existing club(s) on campus is similar to the club you wish to form?

Have you met with those pre-existing club(s) in efforts to collaborate? (required)

What fundraising ideas do you have in mind for the academic year to help support your club financially?

What types of community service and/ or philanthropy projects does your organization plan on doing ?

As your RSO grows, do you plan to keep in contact with alumni members of your organization? If so, how?

How do you plan to market your club to the student population to recruit new members and gain support for your RSO?

What types of events do you plan on creating for campus and community outreach?

Demonstrate how your RSO will fit and uphold the moral and ethical values held by Mount Aloysius College as found in the school mission statement

What else should we consider in regards to approving your RSO?

Procedures after filling out this form
Submit form.

  1. Return to the Director of Student Activities in Cosgrave 104 to make sure your form got submitted.
  2. Go to the SGA meeting following submitting your RSO form for approval.
  3. If approved you will receive $200 start up funds and your account number. The following year, if still in good standing, you will receive full funding. Should your RSO require more funds, you will petition SGA’s allocation committee for those funds. If approved, you will have two (2) weeks to submit a general budget, outline what you plan to use the funds for.

*All fields are required
Registered Student Organization Yearly Registration Form

This form is to reapply as a RSO.

All Presidents and Treasurers are required to go to training from the Director of Student Activities.

Name of your club

Name of Advisor

Name of person submitting proposal

Phone number

Email address

Officers for the new school year
All organizations must have a President/Chairperson and Treasurer. List Name, Position, Major and Year, received training and email/phone number for each person.

Submit an updated copy of your Club’s Constitution for file in the Dept. of Student Activities by Sept. 14
SubmittedNot Submitted

Service Project
Submit your service projects that you will be doing for the new school year. Include service project location, contact information and hours of service.

Submit your budget for the Fall Semester for approval to the Dept. of Student Activities no later than October 1. Include any expenses that you will be utilizing this academic year.

SubmittedNot Submitted

Also, submit a current list of club members: include name and contact information. Each club must have at least 6 members in order to be considered a RSO.

Fundraiser Approval Form

Organization or Department or Name of Registered Student:

Email Address to Contact

What are you selling?

How much will it cost?

Where will the proceeds go/Who does it benefit?


Day(s) and Date(s):


Advisor Email Address:

Do Not Forget, this is only to approve of your fundraiser. This is not a reservation for the space or a table. You must contact the Student Activities Office at 814-886-6321 and complete a facility request form to reserve a space and table.

Club & Organization Involvement Tracker

ID Number

Name (First, Middle and Last)

Please list the Clubs & Organizations you belong to. Also list any executive board or other positions you hold next to the club or organization. For example:
Campus Activity Board, President,
Student Government, Representative,
National Society of Leadership and Success, Member & NELA Recipient,
Vox Nova, member

Community Service Approval and Evaluation Forms SAIL Form

Name of Club/Organization

Title of Event

Purpose of Event

What did you do in order for your program to be a success?

Who did what jobs in order to accomplish your task goals?

If you were to go back; knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

Please explain, in as much detail as you can, what you did so the next person running the event will know exactly what to do.

Please place all advertisements in a binder so someday we can refer to them.

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