Our Partnership with SAGE

We’re proud to partner with SAGE Dining Services®. SAGE, established in 1990, is the leading food service provider for independent schools and colleges throughout North America. SAGE’s unparalleled expertise in nutrition, sustainability, and culinary trends produces exceptional dining experiences that delight the senses, inspire minds, and foster community.

Our dining menu is designed by our Chefs just for our community. Our Chefs get to know our preferences and provide meals to please a variety of palates and meet a variety of dietary needs.

Our exciting options include:

  • Authentic international cuisine.
  • Fun, food truck-inspired dishes.
  • Vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Build-your-own stations and display cooking.
  • Special selections for athletes.
Dining Options at Mount Aloysius

Food Allergy Information

One in 12 students SAGE serves has at least one diagnosed food allergy. SAGE’s approach to food allergies values both safety and inclusivity. Every ingredient, recipe, and menu is reviewed and tagged with the top 12 allergens. You can use the online allergen filter and ingredient lists to plan ahead. SAGE Team Members follow strict food allergy protocols. We’re always welcome to visit the kitchen and ask about inventory and preparation methods.

Download the App

SAGE’s free app gives us a direct connection to our dining program. You can filter for specific eating profiles (vegetarian and vegan) and rate and comment on menu items to build a fabulous menu. Food-allergic community members can easily find safe meals by creating allergen profiles, and student athletes can find education and nutritional guidance for each performance phase.

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Meal Plan Options

Individual meal prices are as followed: Breakfast $6; Lunch $8; Dinner $9; Brunch $8.

Total Meals Per Week Total Flex Dollars Guest Meals Price Per Semester
17 $125 2 $2,725
17 $175 2 $2,775
12 $185 4 $2,482
12 $235 4 $2,535

Clinical Students Only

The following meal plans are to be approved first by the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Total Meals Per Week Total Flex Dollars Guest Meals Price Per Semester
8 $150 3 $1,555
8 $200 3 $1,605

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