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Upcoming Vox Nova Concerts

Vox Nova is a select mixed vocal ensemble which provides its own concert series at the College as well as special performances on and off campus.  Members are auditioned and receive a Vox Nova performing stipend, a merit scholarship based on the member’s academic record as an incoming student, and College credits for participation while attend Mount Aloysius on a full time basis.  Vox Nova is not a music major but a performance based opportunity for students who wish to continue their vocal interests and success while pursuing another field of study.  Ensemble performers in a bachelor degree program also have available to them a Choral Performance minor.

All students applying to the Vox Nova program must successfully complete an audition. You will be tested for aural and general music skills and asked to sing two solo vocal works of contrasting style and time period. An information sheet, sent with your application materials, concerning your recorded audition must accompany the recording when submitted.
Vox Nova student performers in a Bachelor degree program may choose to complete a choral performance minor. A student enrolled in the minor must be a member of Vox Nova for six semesters at two credits each semester. To be considered for Vox Nova, you must return:

  1. The Vox Nova application.
  2. Official high school transcript demonstrating a grade point average of 3.0 or better (all Vox Nova applicants must meet this academic standard).
  3. Three letters of recommendation. Two letters should be from professional musicians (e.g. choir director, private voice/instrument instructor, musical theatre director, etc.) who can testify to your musical abilities, strengths and achievements. The third letter should be from a non-musical, non-family member who has observed you in a setting requiring responsibility and individual strengths (e.g. employer, volunteer supervisor, clergy, etc.).

Vox Nova is a select mixed vocal ensemble with keyboard accompanist. Vox Nova also offers opportunities for more individualized performance in duets, trios, madrigals, etc.

All members are auditioned and can contact the Music Director for more information concerning the audition and application procedures.

Contact Nancy Way at (814)886-6495 or fill out the form below. All performances are located in Our Lady of Mercy Chapel in the Main Administration Building at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

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