Cresson, Pa. – To show recognition for the season of Lent, Vox Nova of Mount Aloysius College will be performing the Scriptural Stations of the Cross. During Lent, Christ’s crucifixion and the events leading up to his sacrifice are remembered through praying the Stations of the Cross.

Each station is read aloud by a Vox Nova member, with each station being followed by a piece of contemplative music, allowing the audience to reflect upon each Station’s events.

“It’s a really unique experience being able to not only sing these songs for others to be able to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice, but it also allows me to reflect on myself while singing and remember what Christ actually went through on Good Friday” says Junior Vox Nova member Wes Caton.

Members of Mount Aloysius College and the local communities are welcomed to the Stations of the Cross concert to listen and reflect upon the events of the Stations that occurred on Good Friday.

The concert will be held on Thursday, March 3 and will be held in Our Lady of Mercy Chapel at 7:00 pm. Donations are requested.