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Button to Download Forms for Federal Work StudyFederal Work-Study offers an excellent opportunity to not only gain extra money for college related expenses, but valuable work experience. As with any Federal Work-Study position, both on-campus work-study and off-campus work-study, you are required to obtain the signature of the supervisor of the site at which you wish to work on your Employment Application. It is to your advantage to select and contact a work site as soon as possible. Work sites can fill up quickly and the longer you wait to complete your paperwork may limit your work site choices. If a site that you wish to work at is not listed in this listing, please contact the Financial Aid Office as we may be able to make arrangements to include it as a site.

Currently, students are paid minimum wage which is $7.25 per hour.

Important:  If you are awarded work-study and want to participate, please complete your paperwork requirements as soon as possible. You have thirty (30) days from the time of your award to complete the paperwork.  Work-study sites fill quickly and you may jeopardize the chance to work at the office or department you wish to work by waiting too long.   In addition, a deadline date will be set for all paperwork to be completed.   If you’re paperwork is not in by that date, your work-study will be canceled.

***Note: Each student participating in the Federal Work-Study Program is required to attend a Federal Work-Study seminar to maintain eligibility. Those students required to attend are notified by mail and via their FWS supervisor.


Download Federal Work-Study Forms on the Form Download page. All forms, including the instructions  must be downloaded, read, completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office.


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