Applying to Mount Aloysius is free!

Preparing for college can be tricky enough–applying shouldn’t be! That’s why we make it easy and affordable to apply to Mount Aloysius. We generally have a rolling admissions policy, which means that we accept applications at any point throughout the year. However, we do encourage students interested in our nursing and health sciences programs to apply by January 1.

The application takes about 10 minutes to complete, and there are steps listed below if you get stuck somewhere in the process. But, if you have questions, you can always contact us!

A student applies to Mount Aloysius

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You can also apply through the Common Application or by downloading, printing, and mailing a one-page PDF application.

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  1. Register for an account at
  2. We will send a temporary PIN to the email address you used to register. Enter the PIN and confirm that your birthdate is correct.
  3. Set a new password following the instructions to the right of the password fields. Make sure to save the password so you can access your account again later.
  4. Click ‘Start New Application’
  5. Choose your application type: First-time, Transfer, Graduate, Continuing Education, or Re-Admit. 
    • First-time applications are for students entering college for the first time. 
    • Transfer applications are for those who have already attended college for some period of time at a different institution. 
    • Graduate applications are for individuals who are looking to enter Mount Aloysius’ master’s programs.
    • Continuing education applications are for those looking for non-degree career training, certificate programs, and formal personal enrichment courses. 
    • Re-Admit applications are for former Mounties who, for whatever reason, put their education on pause and are looking to return.
  6. Confirm that the correct application type is selected and open the application.
  7. Choose your anticipated entry year, academic term, and program of interest. This lets us know when you plan on starting college and what you want to study.
  8. Fill out the personal background information. We like to get to know you, and this information lets us know some pretty basic information about you. We’ll need your address (both where you live and where you receive mail), your phone number, and other background info. Don’t worry–Mount Aloysius College keeps this information private.
  9. The questions in the “Application – Additional Information” section help us paint a bigger picture of who you are. Are you going to live on campus or commute? Do you have a particular religious affiliation? We don’t discriminate based on your answers to these questions, they just provide us with information we need to collect to complete your full application.
  10.  Click ‘Add Institution’ to add your academic history. This will include your high school experience and any vocational or technical schools you may have attended. You’ll need to submit your transcripts at the bottom of this window. If you’re still in high school, you can request an unofficial transcript from your school to submit to us, and once you graduate, have your school send it to us. If you don’t have an unofficial transcript, don’t worry–you can still apply now and have your transcript sent when you graduate.
  11. Mount Aloysius is a Test Optional College, but if you took the SAT or ACT and would like to submit them you are welcome to, but you are not required for most programs. Click ‘Add Test’ and fill out the info in the window that pops up.
  12. Were you involved in any clubs or organizations while you were in high school? Are you a member of any community organizations? Here’s your chance to show them off. Click ‘Add Activity’ and fill out the information in the window. Add as many activities as you’d like–we want to hear about all of them!
  13. If you were an athlete either with your high school or with a local organization, let us know! Click ‘Add New’ and enter information about your participation in the window. 
  14. Type your name to digitally sign your application.
  15. You can click on all the sections linked on the left to go back through and double-check the information you provided. If you’re happy with your application and want to submit it, click ‘Submit Application.’ If you want to wait until later, click ‘Save for Later.’ You can come back to your application and submit it at any time.

Please note: At any point during the application process, you can save and come back. The application will provide you with a code that you can use to log in. If you forget your code or are experiencing issues, the admissions team can send you the code and give you access.

Mount Aloysius College is a test optional school. This means that you don’t need to take the SAT or ACT to apply to most programs. If you’ve already taken the SAT or ACT, you can still submit your scores to us! We’d love to see them. But if you haven’t taken the test yet, or you don’t plan on it, don’t worry–it won’t affect your ability to apply to Mount Aloysius.

Earning college credit could never be easier! Take college-level courses taught directly in your high school and earn college credits through Mount Aloysius. Credits earned through the CHS program can be applied to your degree at Mount Aloysius, or can be transferred to other colleges and universities.

Does it cost money to apply?

No, Mount Aloysius College is currently offering a fee-waived application to incoming Mounties. This is subject to change, so apply soon!

How do I apply to more than one program? 

Please choose your top major during the application process. During your counselor follow-up, please mention any additional programs of interest. You can also change majors at any time in the enrollment process, even after the semester starts.

Do I need to submit a transcript at the same time I apply? 

No, you can submit your official transcript after you submit your application. Simply request that your school or institution send it to us. You may need to pay for this service, depending on your institution’s policies.

What if I can’t finish the application process in one sitting?

No worries! If you’re applying online, click on ‘Review’ in the links to the left, then click ‘Save for Later.’ If you’re using Common App, it saves your information automatically.

Where do I send my printed application?

You can mail your  completed application to:

Admissions Department
7373 Admiral Peary Highway
Cresson, PA 16630-1999

Do I have to take the SAT or ACT test?

No, Mount Aloysius is a test optional school. Most programs do not require SAT or ACT results. 

How do I declare a minor? 

Once you have been admitted and are enrolling for classes, you can claim a minor. Just talk to your advisor at that time.

How do I declare a concentration or specialization? 

You can choose your concentration or specialization when you choose your major. If you don’t want to specialize right away, just talk to your advisor at any point to add one (unless your major requires a specialization or concentration).

When will I know if I am accepted? 

A Mountie admissions counselor will follow up with you soon after you submit your application.

What do I do after I am accepted? 

Check out our Mountie Status page for next steps!

Still have questions?

A member of the admissions team would love to get connected with you!

Admissions Office

Main Administration Building
7373 Admiral Peary Highway
Cresson, PA 16630