The Mount Aloysius College Honors Scholars Program is designed for highly-motivated students of all academic disciplines. The MAC Honors Scholars Program is for students who enjoy critical thinking and problem solving and offering these students the opportunity for shared intellectual experiences and individual academic development? The goal is to create a community of scholars desiring to enhance each other’s understanding of our world.

Students who meet the criteria and are participants in the Honors Scholars Program will take specially designed honors courses; these courses will provide an in-depth, creative investigation of subject matter in a seminar format.

You will be glad to know that participation as an MAC Honors Scholar includes enrichment within the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Your college years will be an opportunity to expand your horizons as you move toward your career and academic goals.

As you move forward with your application for admission we encourage you to consider the benefits of the Honors Scholars Program. Professors within this program are chosen for their excellence as teaching scholars and provide students with a challenging curriculum.

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Benefits of the Honors Program

Mount Aloysius Honors Scholars Requirements

  • Maintain an overall 3.50 GPA
    A student falling below the 3.50 GPA will be placed on one (1) semester of Honors probation during which he/she may attempt to raise the GPA in order to remain in good standing.

  • Complete 12 honors credits
    Students will successfully complete a total of twelve (12) credits of honors work to graduate with Honors Scholar status.

  • Attend required convocations
    Students are required to attend all events sponsored by the Honors Scholars during their years at the College.

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